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K.G. Sander writes a little bit of everything. You'll find sci-fi mixed with fantasy, crime thrillers, poetry, horror, and maybe a dabble into non-fiction. She can't guarantee that you've ever read the genre before, but she can guarantee you'll keep reading more. 



She was striving for a Nobel Prize, not a time warp. Will she survive this deadly blast to the past?

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Between her career and family, Dr. Maggie Knight’s stress level is off the charts. Buried in work on a revolutionary supercollider that can provide green energy, she’s barely had a moment for her loved ones. And on the project’s initial test-run, a tiny math error causes a colossal misfire and catapults the entire city back 65 million years.

Desperate to locate the husband and children she’s ignored for too long, Maggie narrowly escapes death from a rampaging triceratops. But with no modern means of communication, she’ll have to maneuver dino-ravaged streets to find them before they all go extinct.

Can this scientist reunite her household or will they be made prey?

Doomed City is the first book in the action-packed Prehistoric Survival science fiction series. If you like dynamic characters, unimaginable challenges, and nail-biting suspense, then you’ll love K. G. Sander’s edge-of-your-seat adventure.

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Can a determined PI catch a killer when the law thinks she’s the prime suspect?


Private Investigator Katrina Viola has a past she’d rather keep buried. And capturing covert photos of a cheater and his seventeen-year-old lover steers the focus well away from her own painful memories. But the job turns deadly when the young Sophia is found murdered… and all fingers point straight at Katrina.


Plunged into a race to find the killer and clear her name, the desperate detective’s only lead is a cheater’s cell phone. But with the body count rising and the deaths hitting close to home, she must convince her police pursuer to help before they both become the murderer’s next victims. 


Can Katrina turn the tables before she’s caught in a fatal checkmate?


White Queen is the page-turning first novel in the Songbird Investigations crime thriller series. If you like strong female sleuths, fast-paced suspense, and clues that keep you guessing, then you’ll love K.G. Sander’s pulse-pounding tale.


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Can a quick-witted PI solve a string of kidnappings and save Christmas?

Private Investigator Katrina Viola is still in the press after her solve of the recent string of murders. Her only solace is her friends who are more family than anything she’d ever had. Then as they prepare for Christmas, her best friend’s child is kidnapped and her world is turned upside down.

Desperate to find her god-daughter, Kat enlists her cop nemesis to help. There’s no ransom demand or leads, and the two women are thrust into a pit of crime they couldn’t imagine. 

Can they save Kat’s only family from being torn apart?

Siberian Trap is the engrossing second novel of the Songbird Investigations crime thriller series. If you like quick-witted female sleuths, whodunits that keep you up at night, and a fast-paced adventure, then you’ll love K.G. Sander’s follow up in her hit crime series.

Buy Siberian Trap to get in the game before it’s too late.

Coming Soon!


Pulse 3D.png

In a world on the brink of war, the unlikeliest peacemaker is out for vengeance…


Imprisoned Senka won’t rest until she’s extracted every last drop of revenge for three years of torture. But when she’s broken out by the desperate queen, she reluctantly agrees to attempt a treaty between her captors and her own people. But the man who tormented her is not about to lay aside his secret plans for conquest.


Using her unique powers of speed and seeing auras to fight her way back to her tribe, Senka and her new companions race to get home before battle breaks out. But facing betrayal from her crew and with her saviour’s throne under threat from the greedy torturer, Senka’s new drive for peace could come to a violent end.


Can the accomplished fighter turn her trade to political power plays and save two realms?


Pulse is the first book in the genre-bending Zoya Chronicles science fiction fantasy mashup series. If you like determined heroines, alternate universes, and fast-paced twists and turns, then you’ll love Kate Sander’s bloody tale.


Buy Pulse to settle the score today!

Force 3D.png

What are you willing to live for?

Four years after the events of Pulse, Senka has had enough. Her best friend and her boyfriend are both dead, and all she wants is to drink enough to join them.

Back in our world. Senka is working for the Canadian Military, trying desperately to put herself in a deadly situation. Then, her partner’s son is captured by the elusive Ampulex organization. Senka must choose between her desire to die, or to save her partner’s family.

The Zoya Chronicles: Die today. Live Tomorrow.

Devour 3D.png

What are you willing to kill for?

Senka is back in The Other Place. Trying desperately to save her friends and defeat the Ampulex, Senka is left with the ultimate choice: Kill her friends or save the world?

Two worlds, one future. Senka is left trying to save both, with the resources to do neither. Soon, the Ampulex will devour the entire world, leaving only their slaves behind.

The Zoya Chronicles: Die today. Live tomorrow.

Void 3D.png

What are you willing to forgive?

Senka is now at odds with her friends. They have the same enemy, but totally different goals. Senka wants to kill the Ampulex and avenge all the people they’ve killed or enslaved. Her friends… Well, Senka isn’t even sure whose side they’re on.

With the fates of both worlds on the line and as our world is slowly swallowed by the sea, Senka is left with one choice: Can she forgive her friends to save the world?

In this thrilling conclusion of The Zoya Chronicles, find out if freedom or peace wins. 

The Zoya Chronicles: Die today. Live tomorrow.

Zoya Box 3D.png



A gory short story with a brand new twist.

What do an old woman, feral cats, knitting needles and a lever action rifle have in common? One hell of a zombie story.

Follow Agatha through the zombie uprising as she struggles to survive using her 75 years of grit and determination. The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe looks at the zombie uprising through a new lens, combining knitting, guns and the undead in a whole new way.


A gory short story with an unhappy twist.


Jay is a normal guy living his life when a vicious dog attack sends him to the hospital. Now he has the urge to hunt and is desperate for the taste of human flesh.


Is he a werewolf? Or is he losing his mind?

Will he ever figure out what is going on?

The Boy Who Cried Wolf takes the old tale and twists it into a glorious short story of love, loss, and cannibalism.

Eleven to start
Complete and content
One seed of darkness
Destroy all and lament

Father went fetching wood
The start of the end
Ten left at the table
Wolf's stomach distends...
Little Red wants revenge on her family, and she will stop at nothing to get it. Using witchcraft as her guide, she will pick them off one by one until only she remains.
This twist on the classic tale will have you shaking your head, feeling a little uncomfortable... and have you rooting for the wolf.
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