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100 Rejections - The start of a new way of thinking.

We pour our heart and soul into every piece we work on, be it a doodle on a napkin or an intricate work of art. When delivering that piece to the world, the rejection of ourselves and our heart can be utterly devastating.

Even one bad review can be a heartbreaker, and the fear of that heartbreak can leave us paralyzed. We don't even try, because the thought of someone else's rejection is so hard to take.

So, whose the loser in this? Some guy who read your book and didn't even get the plot line anyway didn't like it? So what?

I know. It's easier said than done.

For me, I think the key is to re-evaluate my thoughts on rejection. Instead of something that was to be feared, it's something to be valued. After all, only sticking to stuff you're good at means a shortage of personal growth.

So, my new goal for 2020 is to get 100 rejections.

I'm going to apply for things I would never have applied for and try the best that I can. If I get a rejection, chalk it up in the win column. If I get the job, then it's another win. I'm really setting myself up in a no-lose scenario.

So, today, I got a rejection letter.

Gotta love 1/100. Hell, I'm 1% towards my goal. And tomorrow, I'll try again.

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